France Bans UK Travellers Again: Who can Travel to France

France Bans UK Travellers Again – Who can Travel to France

France Bans UK Travellers Due to COVID-19 New Variant

Can You Still Travel to France? How Long Will Ban Last?

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00:00 – France Bans UK Travellers Again – Who can Travel to France

01:22 – France Bans UK Travellers Due to New COVID-19 Variant: Omicron

Travellers from the UK face a ban on non-essential travel and stricter restrictions when travelling to France after cases of the omicron coronavirus variant have been detected in the UK and cases are growing.

04:32 – The New French Travel Restrictions on the UK

France has now placed new restrictions on arrivals from the UK, even if you are fully vaccinated.

The new rules go into effect on Saturday, December 18th

05:29 – Omicron concerns

There are widespread concerns around the world about the Omicron coronavirus variant, and countries across the world have been implementing travel restrictions since the variant was first detected a few weeks ago.

The UK initially clamped down on travel to and from several countries in southern Africa, extended that list, but earlier this week removed these destinations from its red list.

06:32 – Europe’s Reaction to New COVID Travel Restrictions
With France imposing the new restrictions, EU leaders expressed heightened alarm over the renewed surge in Covid-19 cases and tried to maintain a common approach to travel within the bloc.

07:21 – Who can Travel to France? The Complete List

Check out our blog post to get the full list of exempted travellers and how to avoid the new French Travel restrictions.

08:05 – More countries ban UK tourists and bring in stricter rules for British travellers

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France Bans UK Travellers Due to New COVID-19 Variant

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