4 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in the Cook Islands

Cook Islands

The Cook Islands is a paradise for the castaway. The 15 islands of the archipelago are among the most picturesque Polynesian Islands. They lie between Samoa (French Polynesia) and Samoa (Samoa). You will find the same dramatic beauty as Tahiti with transparent turquoise lagoons, volcanic peaks and palm-fringed beaches. But, it is more affordable.

While the Cook Islands has strong ties with New Zealand, its culture is strongly Polynesian and the people are some of the friendliest people on the planet.

Rarotonga. The tip of a volcanic cone can be seen at. This is the largest Cook Islands island and one of the top tourist destinations. It is a laid-back capital. AvaruaThe cultural and commercial center of the Islands is. A coastal plain lies around the lush interior, where coconut palms grow, papaya, bananas, as well as coffee plants. A narrow lagoon with excellent snorkeling and swimming is enclosed by coral reefs that ring the island.|

Wondering about the best places to visit? Take a look at our list of the top attractions in the Cook Islands.

1. Aitutaki Lagoon
This must be the picture of heaven. Aitutaki’s lagoon glows with technicolor shades turquoise and 21 idyllic motu dot its clear waters, tempting you towards their shores.

Kayaking offers a wonderful way to explore these little islands, but you also have the option of taking a cruise or touring to some of larger islands. The lagoon’s southwest corner has Maina, a small island that offers excellent snorkeling and is home of a beautiful sandbar called “Honeymoon Island”. Local guides can be hired to guide you around the island.

2. Tapuaetai (One Foot Island) Tour
Tapuaetai, also known as One Foot Island or gently curving coconut palms is Aitutaki’s most visited motu.

This gorgeous island looks perfect for a tropical island setting. You can enjoy its white sand beaches, and even go snorkeling in the turquoise lagoon . It takes about 20 minutes to walk around the island, where you will see hermit crabs walking along the shore. The island is a popular location for weddings.

Aitutaki is home to some of the most popular activities in Cook Islands. These tours often include snorkeling and plenty of time on the island. There are many sea creatures that can be found on the island, including giant clams and giant Trevally. A majority of the tours also include a barbecue lunch, and visits to other motu or islands within the lagoon.

3. Muri Beach, Rarotonga
Muri Beach, or Muri Lagoon as it’s sometimes known, is located on the southeast coast. It is one of the most picturesque and popular beaches in Rarotonga. Despite the fact that the water quality has decreased in recent years the shallows are beautiful shades of aquamarine and snorkelers will be able to see many species tropical fish.

The beauty of the area is enhanced by the four motu islands, which shimmer at the horizon. You can enjoy a relaxing day in the sun at any of the nearby restaurants and resorts.

4. Titikaveka Beach, Rarotonga
You can snorkel and swim in the lagoon at Titikaveka Beach, located off the southwest coast. It is possible to spot colorful fish just by standing in the lagoon.

You will find lots of marine life in the coral heads and the lagoon is full of blue sea stars. It’s great for kayaking.

The coral stone Cook Islands Christian Church dates back from 1841 can be found in the nearby small settlement.



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