New Zealand Travel Update: New Zealand Reveals Opening Stages For 2022

New Zealand Travel Update: New Zealand Reveals Opening Stages For 2022

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0:00 New Zealand Travel Update: Reveals Opening Stages for 2022

1:9 New Zealand Travel Update: Reveals Opening Stages for 2022

New Zealand has made headlines throughout the pandemic for its tough approach to pandemic.

The country also took advantage of its remote geography to pursue a zero-COVID approach. New Zealand has announced it will reopen its border to visitors in stages, starting at the end of February, after its earlier plans to do so were derailed by Omicron

2:12 New Zealand’s Opening Stages

New Zealand’s approach to reopening is set to be a measured one.

From 27 February, fully vaccinated New Zealanders can travel back to New Zealand quarantine-free from Australia. Unvaccinated travellers must enter managed isolation and quarantine

From 13 March, the country will welcome home its fully vaccinated citizens from other parts of the world, in addition to some vaccinated skilled workers and travel holiday workers.

Vaccinated travellers will not go through quarantine. Unvaccinated travellers must enter managed isolation and quarantine.

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New Zealand Travel Update: 2022 Re-Opening Dates Revealed


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