US To Open To Travellers: US Travel Ban To End

US To Open To Travellers: US Travel Ban To End

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US To Open To Travellers: US Travel Ban To End

The United States government is considering opening its borders for non-essential travel after almost 18 months of closure to tourists.

It has been reported that the White House is drawing up plans to allow all foreign nationals to enter the United States if they can prove that they have been fully vaccinated.

Restarting travel would toss a lifeline to the hard hit travel industry.

However, the spread of the Delta variant, which is rising sharply in the US, means the United States government will keep the border shut for non-essential travel for now, despite pressure from Europe and many Americans.

Reports also suggest that the Biden Administration is united on keeping travel restricted until travel could be reopened in a “sustainable manner.” But they are currently developing a plan that would be a “consistent and safe international travel policy.”

The reports from the White House don’t show which vaccines the government may approve.

AstraZeneca and Oxford University are yet to apply for authorization from the FDA, causing potential issues for people who’ve had that vaccine.

The United States currently prohibits entry to visitors from the UK and schengen area, China, Brazil, Iran, India, and South Africa.

The United States has also decided to keep the land border closed for
non-essential travel with Canada and Mexico.

Currently, the options to travel to the US from these countries are to avoid the travel ban or to apply for a US National Interest Exemption.

Calls for US Border Reopening

The travel industry has been pushing for a drop in restrictions since 2020.

EU officials have previously expressed “huge disappointment” in the lack of reciprocity from the US, as the EU and the UK now allow fully vaccinated Americans to visit without quarantining.

Even the German Chancellor Angela Merkel asked for an easing of restrictions at the White House in July.

Various other leading EU figures have asked for the US to reopen because travel between the Atlantic is crucial for the economy.

The epidemiological situation in the US and the EU today is very similar. — The EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen We need to solve the problem as soon as possible and be in contact with our American friends. This must not drag on for weeks — The EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen

As the rest of the world opens up for travel and begins to move again, the United States is remaining closed off to the world, even with its high vaccination numbers.

It’s unclear as to when the US government is planning on reopening, but this is the first sign they’re actually planning at all!

US travellers can travel to most places around the world now.

Hopefully, travellers can enjoy America’s incredible attractions sometime soon too.

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USA Plans to Require COVID Passport From All Travellers


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