COVID Test Required for Travel to the US

COVID Test Required for Travel to the US – US Travel Update New Rules On International Air Travel

US Travel Update: New rules on international air travel

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Travel to the US Coronavirus Tests Required for Entry into the USA

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0:00 – COVID Test Required for Travel to the US – US Travel Update New Rules On International Air Travel

00:58 – U.S. Travel Update New rule on international air travel

As we continue to battle with the global pandemic and as cases surge with the new coronavirus variant, the United States has issued travel rules.

International passengers travelling to the US will now need negative COVID-19 test results before they can enter the country.

Effective January 26, travellers arriving on an international flight will need to show proof of negative test for COVID-19 taken no more than 72 hours before heading to the US.

This new presidential order applies to all air passengers travelling into the US, including US citizens and legal permanent residents regardless of vaccination status.

If a passenger chooses not to take a test, the airline must deny boarding to the passenger

The announcement comes a few weeks after the CDC introduced the same rule for UK arrivals only due to the new and more transmissible variant of the virus coming from the UK.

02:32 – Travel Industry Reaction To Negative PCR Test Requirement

The travel industry has been quick to respond to news that the CDC will begin requiring a negative COVID-19 test from all U.S. bound air passengers starting January 26

praising the strategy as a key safety measure but expressing concern that the mandate could further hinder travel and ultimately delay the industry’s recovery.

03:02 – Travel to & From the United Kingdom

As the United Kingdom has seen a surge of infection cases which is largely attributed to the new variant of coronavirus, the US has asked travellers to reconsider travel to the country, whilst the CDC has given the country a Level 4 Travel Health Notice, branding it with having very high levels of the virus and recommending that travelLers should avoid all travel to the country.

From December 28, 2020, CDC has issued an order that all air passengers arriving to the U.S from the UK to get tested no more than 3 days before their flight departs and to provide proof of the negative result to the airline before boarding the flight.

03:47 – Travelling to the US From Europe & the Rest of the World

Airlines now have to deny boarding to travellers who do not have a negative test result from the previous three days or documentation that proves they have recovered from the disease.

The US already has restrictions on travel to and from Europe and China for people who do not hold US passports or green cards.

The new rules require all US-bound passengers, aged 2 and over have a negative COVID-19 test result within three calendar days of travel into the US.

The CDC will consider temporary waivers from testing requirements for travellers from some countries with little or no testing capacity.

After landing, the CDC recommends travellers to take a test three to five days later and remain at home for seven days.

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