Czech Republic’s List of Third Nationals Allowed as of July & Visa Operation Update: EU Travel Ban

EU Travel Ban – Czech Republic’s Own List Of Third Nationals Allowed As Of July And Visa Operation Update.

Czech Republic Borders to open to only Half of the approved EU Countries

Upon the confirmation of the European Union Council that the Member States have finally agreed to list 15 third countries allowed to enter the EU bloc, without jeopardising the health of EU citizens, the Czech Republic has moved on to publish its own list.

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Czech Republic’s Own List Of Third Nationals Allowed As Of July And Visa Operation Update.

While the EU Commission published a list of 15 approved countries,
the Czech Republic reduced the list to eight. Permitting only the residents of the following countries to enter its territory starting July 1

New Zealand
South Korea

the czech authorities left out Algeria, Georgia, Morocco, Rwanda, Tunisia and Uruguay, and China for which the EU will apply the condition of reciprocal action by the Chinese authorities.

The Czech government’s decision has been taken after the EU Council noted its recommendation is not a legally binding instrument and that the authorities of the member states remain responsible for implementing the content of the recommendation.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Tomáš Petříček pointed out that in the case of Montenegro and Serbia the possibility of mutual travel will be reciprocal like without test result needed and other conditions.

As per the other six non-European countries, the Minister noted that they have been included in the list, despite that they still have limitations for Czech Nationals.

Therefore, the travel of foreigners from these countries to the Czech Republic will not be allowed yet, but we are ready to react very flexibly to the change in the situation.

This decision takes effect on July 1, while the second wave of travellers eligible to enter the EU will be negotiated and decided after two weeks.

The Member States initially considered 54 countries and after days of discussions and disagreements the number was narrowed down to
15 countries which were deemed safe based on their epidemiological situation related to the Coronavirus

Previously the country opened its internal borders to European countries which were categorised into groups depending on the risk and if test and quarantine are necessary.

UK and Sweden nationals need to undergo quarantine upon arrival.

Visa application centres in the UK are still closed until further notice.

The consular section of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in London is significantly reduced with prior appointment only and under the conditions that health measures are adhered to.

If you’re still unsure about your application, let us help you out!

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The Schengen Zone finally opens borders after COVID-19

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