End of Schengen? End of Free Movement in Europe

End of Schengen? End of Free Movement in Europe

Calls to Overhaul Schengen Border Control Is it the end of Schengen as we know it?

Is Free Movement to End? The Promise of Free Movement, Required another Promise
of Protection & Security

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00:00 – End of Schengen? End of Free Movement in Europe
0:47 – Calls to Overhaul Schengen Border Control

Although the coronavirus pandemic place tensions on how each Schengen member state conducts border security, it is the quick succession of terror attacks in the past weeks that have emphasised calls to reform border controls.

Under the Schengen agreement, people within the EU are able to pass freely across borders without showing their passport.

However, border checks have made a return in recent months because of the coronavirus pandemic

President Emmanuel Macron of France stated that the EU’s Schengen area, which allows people to cross borders freely, may need reform.

A knife attack in Nice two weeks ago was blamed on a migrant who crossed into France from Italy in October. It was the second attack in France in just over a month.

01:42 – Strengthen Border Security

Speaking during a visit to the French-Spanish border, Mr. Macron said he would be doubling police border patrol numbers “because of the worsening of the threat” of terrorism.

He also said he would be unveiling proposals for strengthening border security within the EU at the next EU summit in December, which would include “intensifying our common border protection with a real security force at the external borders”.

France will put forward the first proposals to the December European Council, the president said.

02:32 – EU Leaders supports France Calls to Reform Schengen & Free Movement

After the French President called on the European Union for the reformation of the EU free movement and the way the bloc managed its borders, German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed her support.

Chancellor Merkel also highlighted the need to urgently reform the Schengen Area in the light of the recent terrorist attacks, adding the EU has long been working on this direction

We can only preserve it (Schengen) if we urgently, urgently focus on the external borders – Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. He added that his country supported the strengthening of the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex), which helps the EU countries and the Schengen members to manage their external borders.

It is not yet known how the suggested reforms would affect plans to introduce the ETIAS visa waiver program in late 2022.

04:02 – Proposed Schengen reforms & Border Strengthening

Currently, the Schengen Area is an open-borders region of Europe. The proposed Schengen reforms are thought to be focused on improving the region’s external borders.

However, Mr Macron has said that France will cease to support the right of free movement within the Schengen Area unless external security measures are sufficiently strengthened to prevent further incidents.

Macron outlined a number of key points to reform Schengen: · Strengthen the security of the external borders
· Improve the systems used to assess how well Schengen is functioning
· Update how the Schengen Area is governed

05:17 – Plans to strengthen Schengen security

The European Commission will beef up the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, better known as Frontex, with more guards being deployed to the external borders.

This will mean that all third-country nationals who do not require a visa must register their details before travelling to the Schengen Area by completing an online ETIAS application.

Those who do not meet the ETIAS requirements must obtain a Schengen visa instead, which also involves a screening process during the in-person application.

Is this the beginning of the end of Schengen? Comment below.

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