Norway Quarantines Italy & European Countries

Norway Quarantines Italy & European Countries

Norway travel advice quarantine for the arrivals from Italy, Slovenia, the Vatican and San Marino

Norway Travel Advice against Italy, Slovenia, the Vatican & San Marino

Starting from Saturday, September 5, all Norwegian citizens and residents are urged to avoid any trips that are not necessary to Italy, Slovenia, the Vatican City State and San Marino.

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Norway Quarantines Italy & European Countries

Norway Travel Advice Quarantine For The Arrivals From Italy, Slovenia, The Vatican And San Marino

Norwegian authorities advise citizens to avoid non-essential travel due to the epidemiological situation related to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The decision has been taken upon the publication of the weekly assessment of the Norwegian National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) on the infection situation related to the Coronavirus pandemic in Europe

NIPH updates its map according to the level of infections in last two weeks.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), these four territories, which were marked as yellow, will now be coloured in red on the infection map for Europe.

Since Norway reopened borders to the other countries amid the pandemic, NIPH has been ranking EU countries based on their infection rates by colour coding each country according to their epidemiological situation.

– Red high infection pressure and quarantine required when entering Norway.
Norwegians are urged not to travel to these countries.

– Yellow increased risk, quarantine not required when entering Norway.

– Green safe country. no quarantine required

Italy, Slovenia, the Vatican City State and San Marino are now added to the red list.

“All travellers from these countries who come to Norway from midnight on September 5 will be quarantined for ten days,” MFA notice

NIPH has also recommended to the Swedish authorities to remove quarantine for Cyprus, as the latter has had fewer than 20 cases per 100,000 in the last two weeks,

which recommendation the MFA has applied immediately, thus marking Cyprus in yellow, from red as it has been so far.

From red to yellow on the infection map, have also gone the Swedish regions of Örebro, Gotland, Värmland, Västernorrland, Jämtland and Västerbotten

Another area that has gone from red to yellow is the region of Zealand in Denmark.

In mid-August, the Norwegian authorities had decided that all countries which were previously marked green on the infection map would become yellow, after an increase of COVID-19 infections in these countries.

– Countries on “Red” List with high infection rate

Andorra, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Croatia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and several regions in Sweden and Denmark.

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