Travel Update: Spain Requires Negative PCR Test Before Entry

Travel Update: Spain Requires Negative PCR Test Before Entry

Spain Travel Update: Negative PCR test before entry required from high-risk areas

Spain Requires Negative Coronavirus Test Entry Requirements changed

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0:42 – Travel Update: Spain Requires Negative PCR Test Before Entry

As coronavirus continues to ravage across Europe, European authorities put measures in place to lessen the impact of the second wave of the pandemic in their respective territories.

Like most of Europe, Spain is struggling to contain a resurgence of virus infections

Last week, the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Health have announced that travellers bound for Spain from countries considered high-risk areas for coronavirus will be asked to provide proof of a negative test to visit Spain.

Starting Nov. 23, travellers to Spain will be required to submit a negative test result within 72 hours prior to their planned departure.

They will be able to do so via the internet, a smartphone application, or with a document before boarding a plane or boat.

01:37 – High-Risk Areas

The proof of being virus-free before travelling will come on top of the temperature checks performed on arriving passengers at Spain’s airports and ports.

The measure will apply to countries designated as “high risk.”

The European Union considers member nations to be high-risk zones if either their 14-day cumulative case notification rate is 50 or more and the positive test rate for COVID-19 is 4% or more, or if their 14-day cumulative case notification rate is more than 150 per 100,000 inhabitants.

For non-EU countries and European nations within the visa-free Schengen travel area, Spain considers those with an accumulated 150 cases per 100,000 inhabitants over 14 days.

Health minister Salvador Illa said the government took the measure in line with guidelines established by the EU last month.

He said that EU members had opted for the use of “diagnostic tests and not quarantines” to enable safe travel inside the bloc.

Spain’s robust tourism industry has taken a huge hit due to fears and restrictions caused by the virus.

Madrid’s regional authorities, which have been asking for tighter controls for the capital’s airport, celebrated the decision it had been demanding for months.

However, the number of imported coronavirus cases to Spain has been negligible, according to Illa.

Spain’s strict lockdown in the spring reined in its first national outbreak, but it did not completely eliminate the virus from the population.

The virus rebounded when Spain reactivated its economic and social life in the summer, forcing a new round of restrictions, including nationwide nightly curfew to be applied in recent weeks

03:37 – Rules of Entry into Spain

The Ministry of Health had issued a press release noting that the current health controls that are currently being carried out on all international passengers at the points of entry, such as temperature control and visual control are being maintained, and will continue to be carried despite the testing requirement.

It also explained the procedures of entry effective from November 23.

Aside from the negative PCR test, arrivals in Spain are also required to fill out a Health Control Form 48 hours prior to travel.

Meanwhile, from November 14, travellers to the Canary Islands will need to provide a negative COVID-19 test when checking-in to regulated tourist accommodation.

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