5 Awesome Cities To Visit in Belgium


All of Belgium’s cities are worth a visit. But the top ones are definitely worth it. These picks can be described as ones that offer tourists a mixture of history and culture. Things to do, culture, architecture Tourists may find buildings. These have been there for over a thousand year, witnessing the unfolding of history. The passage of time is shown through various architectural styles. From medieval stonework in Bruges’ Halle up to the modern-day geometries of Antwerp’s Museum aan de Stroom.

Belgium is home to many historic churches that are worth a visit. Squares and parks are some of the most stunning places in Belgium. The photographer’s vision.

Belgium’s most renowned cities are also famous for their outstanding museums. Particularly art museums which often house extensive collections The Old Flemish Masters. It is also possible to find out about regional history and folk museums. Many places are available, giving tourists an opportunity to see the sights. Belgium’s rich cultural history is impressive.

Plan your travel itinerary with our list of the top cities to visit in Belgium.

1. Ghent
Ghent’s historic old town is full of beautiful buildings. The markets and guild homes that run along the shoreline are examples of these.Graseli CanalThe oldest one of these buildings isRomanesque KoornstapelhuisBuilt around the year 1200. TheHouse of the Masons (Gildehuis der Metselaars) andHouse of the Free Boatmen(Gildehuis der Vrije Schippers), date back to early 16Thcentury, andCustoms House(Tolhuisje), built 1682. TheKorenlei CanalThe street is lined with many more fine examples. Most of these were once private homes for city’s elite traders.

Ghent’sOld Market AreaYou can find it close to the canals.Groot Vleeshuis(Meat Market), a wonderful medieval structure constructed in 1410. Next to the structure is theVismarkt(Fish Market), located just two blocks away from the Hotel. Korenmarkt(Wheat Market) stands at the heart of an ancient market square that is now home. Many cafes and restaurants are nearby. Nearby, you can also visit the City’s oldestTown Hall(Stadhuis), which is known for its variety of architectural styles that have been added over the centuries.

2. Brussels
Brussels, the political and economic center of the country is a very important place. It has a different vibe than other Belgian cities. Its main role is tocapital of the European UnionThe continent has seen a surge in culture and people from other parts of the continent. This is perhaps why the city has so many restaurants and cafes It is plentiful.

Many people visit the old city for the first time.Grand Place(Grote Markt) Their first stop was historicGuild houses(Gildehuizen), followed by a stroll down Rue de l’Etuve, to the city’s most recognizable landmark, theManneken Pis.

Tourists can spend hours enjoying attractions nearby.Royal Palace(KoningspleinThe official residence for the Belgian royal family is at. Visitors can explore the area right from the palace’s foot.Coudenberg Palace Archaeological LocationThe public is now able to see the original palace’s foundations, as well as the streets that were there in ancient times.

Many of the original buildings in the city were also destroyed. Ypres was home to many historic treasures during World War I. These landmarks. TheGrote MarktThe enormousLakenhalle(Cloth Hall(pictured above) was once the heart of the once-prosperous town’s industry.

Tourists have the opportunity to climb the tower.breathtaking views over FlandersVisitors can hear the sound of 49 bells ringing from the Lakenhalle’s towering ceilings from June to October.Belfry. The 13 is also located in the Grote Market.Th-centuryNieuw Vleeshuis(Meat Hall() andKasselrijgebouw(Old Town Hall).

Unfortunately, a lot of Ypres’ historical significance is due the terrible WWI battles. TheFlanders Fields Museum(located Lakenhalle (or Lakenhalle) can be a great place to learn more about battles and get acquainted with the people who fought them. Information about the self-guided battlefield tours. Traditional, Visitors begin their journey the same way as British soldiers, starting fromMenin Gate.

4.Leuven (Louvain)
Despite both World Wars causing a lot of destruction, the country still managed to survive. Many of Leuven’s most iconic historic buildings remain standing. Tourists will choose to begin in the middle of the old town.Grote MarktThe area is still the center of social activity in the city. It towers above the square’s center.St. Peter’s Church(Sint-Pieterskerk), an outstanding example of Brabant Gothic architecture which houses theMuseum of Religious Art(Stedelijk Museum voor Religieuze Kunst). The oldCity Hall(StadhuisAlso on the square is ) which displays its ornate facades with 236 figures.

Since the 15ThLeuven’s university was founded in the century. It is a respected institution in Europe. It can be found on the large campus, right along theNaamsestraat. Tourists will find even more examples from early buildings. Built over the centuries. Another fascinating group of historic properties are: The following address is where you can find your home:Groot BegijnhofA community founded in the 13ThCentury.

This museum has a great collection of local arts and crafts.M-Museum Leuven. You can also find exhibits featuring art from around the globe. All artistic media are covered, from classical times through the present.

5. Namur (Namen)
Namur is a smaller Belgian municipality that was, in a similar way to Mons. Strategic position of the city makes it an important point in many conflicts. The crowning The crown jewel of the city is theNamur CitadelIt is located at Outcroppings located between the Sambre Rivers of Meuse and Sambre. Tourists may explore The old fortification including its ramparts. Barracks. Underground Tunnels and great views of the city can be enjoyed. Please see below.

Namur’s historical buildings host its many museums. Tourists are able to immerse themselves in history and culture. NamurArchaeological MuseumIt is housed in a centrally located 1590 meat hall.Old TownNear the city’s most active squarePlace d’Armes.

TheMuseum of Ancient Art(Musee des Arts Anciens du NamuroisYou can find ) on theRue de FerWithin the 17Th-centuryHotel de Gaiffier d’Hestroy. Exhibiting regional crafts and arts dating back to Middle Ages. Find ecclesiastical artifacts in the Treasury of TheChurch of Notre Dame, a beautiful Baroque church.



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