5 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Nicosia


The story of Nicosia in Cyprus is literally a tale told in two halves. The Republic owns the southern half Nicosia, also called Lefkosia. Of Cyprus, North Nicosia (also called Lefkosa), is the capital of the UN-unrecognized Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Since 2003, both sides of the city can be visited. This was an improvement, and I am now able to travel to Northern Cyprus as well as back. It is necessary to flash your passport once more as you go about your daily activities. Ledra Street Green-Line Crossing that divides Old City District Two.

This makes Nicosia a wonderful base for exploring the historical. The city’s north side is home to many tourist attractions, such as the The fairy-tale castle St. Hilarion as well as the extensive ruins and remains of Ancient are both available. Salamis

To help plan your time, here is a list of the top attractions in Nicosia.

1. Cyprus Museum
This museum is a must-see! To Do List if you’re interested in learning more about the ancients The island’s history.

The extensive artifact collection spans the Neolithic period through to the Byzantine era.

One RoomIt contains Neolithic-age excavated finds, including many Steatite idols.Room 2Covers the Bronze Age with many vases or jugs decorated in rather Endearing animals Mycenaean artifacts of Ancient Kourion are Displayed inThreerd Room.

Head toRoom FourTo view the Museum’s Highlight: a Collection of votive figures, including Minotaurs, warriors and more Charioteers) between 7-6 BC, located at Ayia Inini, near Morphou.

Rooms 5AndSixThere are many sculpture galleries that feature artifacts from a variety of periods.Room SevenIt contains a Soli limestone female statue and a bronze statue of the Emperor Septimus Severus.

2. Venetian Fortifications
One of Nicosia’s most distinguishing features is its remarkable Venetian walls. The old city is surrounded by these. Although much of the old city is in decline, it still retains its charm. They are still able to walk the original three-kilometer distance.

Famagusta GateThis is the best preserved, and it is decorated with. Many coats of arm are available. This passage takes you from the old town to The empty moat in the old city.

Paphos GateAnd theRoccas BastionIt is not the only thing that you will find. Their role in modern history is fascinating. Here’s the UN Buffer Zone There is less between North Cyprus (Republic of Cyprus) and Cyprus (North Cyprus) 200m. This was the last place on the island, up to 2003. It is possible for Turkish Cypriots to get very close to Greek Cypriots.

Today, flags were flown by all four parties to the unresolved dispute. (Greece. The Republic of Cyprus. Turkey. And North Cyprus). As a reminder of the island’s problems, the breeze is a constant reminder.

3. Büyük Han
This han (a caravanserai), was built in 1572. It is an outstanding example of architecture from that time period.

Hans were used by merchants to store and stay in their homes. They often passed through towns, which often included stabling facilities. Horses (or camels), and sometimes recreation facilities like Restaurants and hamams (Turkish hot springs) are also available.

The Buyuk Han was painstakingly restored back to its former glory. The former sleeping quarters are now home to many shops and cafes. Local artisan ateliers are perfect for a spot to shop, or just for some breakup. The old city sights.

It is located in North Nicosia and only a short walk from the Ledra Street pedestrian green-line crossing.

4.Selimiye Mosque
Selimiye Mosque is the most well-known landmark in North Nicosia. It began as the Church of Agia Sofia, and was completed after a 78 year period. Construction process in 1326.

Since the Ottomans seized the island in 16th century, it has been a mosque.

This fusion of intricate medieval church architecture and modern technology is called the The simplicity of the mosque design created a beautiful space with fascinating features. The Gothic-inspired interior is soaring. Whitewashed, and all icon details long gone.

You can enter by bringing a headscarf (for women) and a dress. You should dress modestly, no shorts or tops that are too long. It takes five minutes to reach the mosque. Walk from the Ledra Street crossing to the green line.

5.Old Town
It’s a joy to just wander around Nicosia’s old town.

Ledra StreetThis is the main street through the old town. It is lined with cafes and restaurants and shops that lead up to theLedra Street green line crossing postNorth Nicosia. You will need your passport to enter the northern part of the city.

Take a stroll down Ledra Street and explore the maze of alleyways, to see the Ottoman architecture.House of Hatzigeorgakis Cornesios(20 Patriachou Grigoriou Street), was the island’s dragoman in the 18th century.Omeriye Mosque(Trikoupi Street), with a 14th century Lusignan entryway.



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