China Bans The UK, Philippines & Belgium – US Nationals Allowed to Travel

China Bans The UK Philippines & Belgium – US Nationals Allowed to Travel

Travel Update: China Bans Non-Chinese Arrivals From The UK

Travel Update: China bans non-Chinese arrivals from the UK The same applies to the arrivals from Belgium, France and the Philippines

USA, France, Germany & Other countries Allowed Difference in treatment noted

Negative Test Results needed to Enter China Test Requirements are a practical ban for a number of countries

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0:00 – China Bans The UK Philippines & Belgium – US Nationals Allowed to Travel

0:53 – Travel Update: China bans non-Chinese arrivals from the UK

China has barred entry to non-Chinese visitors from Britain, Belgium and the Philippines.

China has temporarily suspended entry of non-Chinese nationals travelling from Britain even if they hold valid visas and residence permits, the Chinese embassy there said in some of the most stringent border restrictions imposed by any country in response to the pandemic.

The Chinese embassies in Belgium and the Philippines released similar statements announcing restrictions on travellers from the two countries.

We are concerned by the abruptness of the announcement and the blanket ban on entry and await further clarification on when it will be lifted — the British Chamber of commerce in china

The rejection of non-Chinese travellers from Britain came as England entered a month-long lockdown started on Thursday.

Britain’s death toll is the highest in Europe and it is grappling with more than 20,000 new virus cases a day.

Belgium has Europe’s highest per capita number of new cases, while the Philippines has the second-highest number of infections and deaths in South-east Asia after Indonesia.

The suspension was a partial reversal of an easing on Sept 28, when China allowed all foreigners with valid residence permits to enter.

In March, China had banned the entry of foreigners in response to the epidemic.

02:27 – Health Test Needed to Travel to China

As cases surge globally, China also requires visitors from other nations to take additional health tests.

The Chinese authorities also demanded travellers from the US, France and Germany to present results of additional health tests, as coronavirus cases rise around the world.

Starting November 6, all passengers from the US, France, Germany and Thailand must take both a nucleic acid test and a blood test for antibodies against the coronavirus.

The tests must be done no more than 48 hours before boarding.

If the passenger needs to make a transit stop en route to China, the same tests must be done in the transit country.

Similar requirements were imposed on travellers from countries such as Australia, Singapore and Japan from November 8.

Unfortunately, while technically leaving the door open, these changes imply a de facto ban on anyone trying to get back to their lives, work and families in China — the European Union Chamber of commerce in china

It also said the antibody test was not widely available in many countries.

is this just a travel ban based on the global pandemic or is it a new indication of the ongoing souring of relations between countries?

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China Bans the UK, the Philippines and Belgium


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