EU Travel Ban: Denmark’s List Of Third Country Nationals, Travel Advice & Visa Operations

EU Travel Ban Update: Denmark’s List Of Third Country Nationals, Travel Advice And Visa Operations

Denmark Permits Residents of Six Third-Countries to Enter Its Territory and visa operations in the UK

Residence permit holders of Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea and Thailand can now enter the territory of Denmark for non-essential purposes.

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Denmark’s list of third-country nationals travel advice and visa operations

While the Danish authorities have reopened their borders to selected third countries on July 1 in compliance with the recommendations of the EU Council

They have also narrowed down Council’s list of countries the residents of which shall be permitted to enter the Member States from 15 to 6 countries only.

According to Denmark’s Justice Minister Nick Hekkeru, while Denmark supports a common EU approach to reopening for third-countries, the country also needs to make sure they don’t lose control of the situation within its territory

“On the Danish side, we support a common EU approach based on objective criteria. But of course, we need to make sure that we do not suddenly lose control of COVID-19 at home.”

Some countries outside the EU do not want the same reliable data on testing and infection that we know in Denmark and the EU.

Therefore, some national safety valves are needed, so we are sure the infection will not run smoothly – Justice Minister Nick Hekkeru

Unlike any other EU countries, Denmark requires travellers to have planned at least six nights of stay in Denmark and proof must be presented.

In a notice explaining the decision, the Ministry of Justice points out it will be able to close a country or region if the infection rises rapidly, or data and information are not considered to be true, regardless of the country listed in the EU list.

It also notes that all third-country tourists who do not travel for a recognized purpose will be met with the same requirements as EU and Schengen countries.

Denmark’s borders are open to most European countries from 27 June 2020, based on a set of health measures and analysis. However, borders to Sweden and Portugal remain closed.

Previously the authorities decided to allow girlfriends and boyfriends, grandparents and grandchildren of Danish residents to enter the country, after months of being separated due to an EU-wide border closure which has been in place since March.

All of these directives are under review and it is anticipated that they will change as Denmark continues to reopen.

Schengen Visa applications are accepted in London and Edinburgh centres starting 1st of July.

Manchester will be accepting application for Danish Schengen Visa applications starting 15 July 2020.

In the UK, the Danish government have resumed visa application processing.

Visa Application Centres have also reopened in:

– Algeria – Algiers – Bahrain – Manama – Ghana – Accra – India – New Delhi – Indonesia – Jakarta – Iran – Tehran, – Ireland – Dublin – Israel – Tel Aviv – Japan – Tokyo – Lebanon – Beirut. – Nigeria – Abuja and Lagos – The Philippines – Manila – Saudi Arabia – – Singapore – Taiwan – Taipei – UK – London – Ukraine – Vietnam Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

If you’re still unsure about your application, let us help you out!

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The Schengen Zone finally opens borders after COVID-19

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