Top 10 Travel Destinations for 2023

These are the ten best places to travel in 2023. Where will you go first? ✈️ Get travel insurance with SafetyWing: https://bit.ly/sw_travel (sponsored)

00:00 10 Antalya Turkey
00:50 9 Provence France
1:30 8 Perth Australia
2:17 7 British Virgin Islands
3:03 6 Paros Greece
3:42 5 Naoshima Japan
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5:19 4 Alentejo Portugal
6:04 3 Big Sky Montana
6:44 2 Marrakech, Morocco
7:27 1 Queenstown New Zealand

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Travel Top Ten: In 10th place is Antalya, Turkey, on the Turkish Riviera. Next up is Provence, France, one of my favorite destinations in the world. In 8th place is Perth, the sunniest capital city in Australia. 7th on our list is Virgin Gorda in British Virgin Islands – one of the best kept secrets in the Caribbean. 6th is Paros, Greece, which is less crowded than Mykonos and Santorini. 5th is Naoshima, Japan’s art island. Fourth on the list is Alentejo, Portugal, an underrated destination. Third is Big Sky, Montana, USA, followed by Marrakesh, Morocco. Number one on our list is Queenstown, New Zealand, a gastronomy and adventure travel destination.

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Kristin Wilson is the author of Digital Nomads For Dummies, the host of Badass Digital Nomads Podcast, and known as Traveling with Kristin on YouTube. She’s travel to at least 60 countries and has been helping people move overseas since 2005. Learn more at TravelingwithKristin.com

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/christopherelliott/2022/10/22/here-they-are-the-23-best-places-to-travel-in-2023/

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